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Project Page 2023

Helping investors and crypto enthusiasts view all aspects of a project in one place.

We designed Messari's project pages are comprehensive, one-stop-shops for analysts, researchers and investors.

Many sites offer asset price or protocol activity coverage, but none provide a 360 view. Messari has the widest lens available and is on full display in our new project page release.

I was lead designer on this project, and managed the resources of and worked with 3 mid-level designers to deliver the project over the course of 4 months.

The project was uniquely challenging because of the number of edge cases we had to consider -- some projects, like Bitcoin, have a single asset and little governance. Others, like Aave, have multiple assets, protocols, and a very active DAO. Our product had to support both extremes.


  • Design

    Blake (lead), 3 mid-level designers

  • Engineering

    4 FE, 2 BE

  • Product

    3 PM

  • Stakeholders

    Company Leadership


  • Design

    3 months

  • Engineering

    3 Months